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About the Blockchain Government Forum

This forum is about understanding the true potential of blockchain technology and its ability to interact with the government at all levels.

Why Attend

Whether you are just learning about blockchain technology, are currently immersed in it, or somewhere in between, the Blockchain Government Forum will be an opportunity to meet and collaborate with peers old and new as we discuss, debate and collaborate. This forum provides is an opportunity for you to learn about he technology, get insight into how innovative ideas are being developed and executed, and meet really great people all along the way. Over 2-days we’ll have top level keynote speeches, panels, facilitated workshops, interactive activations, and opportunities to network with a diverse group of stakeholders. We believe that this is a “must attend” event for people who are involved in blockchain technology, the government services, and the future of civilization.

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Our Speakers

  • Ageesen Sri


  • Emma Todd

    MMH Blockchain Group

  • Michael Gord

    mlg Blockchain Consulting

  • Nathaniel Erskine-Smith

    Member of Parliament

  • Kevin Armstrong


  • Kyle Kemper

    Blockchain Association of Canada

  • Philippe Chevry

    Nash Agency

  • Tanya Woods

    Kind Village

  • Tim Bouma

    Senior Policy Analyst

    Government of Canada’s Chief Information Officer Branch

  • Bruce Silcoff

    CEO of Shyft Network International

  • Lucia Gallardo

    Founder & CEO, Emerge

  • Amber Scott

    Founder - Outlier Solutions

  • Aidan Hyman

    Co-Founder & CEO at ChainSafe Systems

  • Dylan Seago

    Software Developer at Bitaccess Inc.

  • Shidan Gouran

    CEO & President at Global Blockchain Technologies Corp

  • Chris Housser

    Co-Founder, Polymath

  • Sascha Mojtahedi

    CEO, Bunz

  • Darrell O'Donnell

    Self Sovereign Identity & Blockchain

  • James Gonzalez

    Co-founder and CEO of Crypto Consultant

  • Kenn Bosak

    Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Tech Enthusiast

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About The Blockchain Association (BAC)

This October 1st and 2nd hundreds of though leaders, innovators, policy-makers, politicians, entrepreneurs, and professionals will be gathering to discuss blockchain technology with a focus on government applications, opportunities, challenges, and strategies.

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